Modern Electronic Upgrades for Classic Cars and RestoMods

Electric air conditioning for Porsche 911, 964 and 993 models



Chris, CDI+ on 1969 2.0S, UK

Of the 98,000 miles I have done in my '69S, the 160 to Goodwood and back today were possibly the most enjoyable I have ever had. Now my engine sings! This unit has made a huge difference to the driveability of the car and the way it pulls through the rev-range. I can't recommend it highly enough.

Manfred, CDI+ on 1970 2.2S, Germany

Just today i ran my 2.2s since the weather wasn't too bad at all: after more than two month not driving the car it started immediately and on the 70 km trip for getting someone to the airport in Dusseldorf it was immediate love again. car is running so smooth and kind of modern. So i wish i could tell you anything new about your unit, simply perfect. ('70 2.2S

Mike, CDI+ on 2.4S, UK

I can say there is a marked improvement, the car runs a lot smoother on acceleration through all the gears and is more responsive to the throttle, enjoying it so much.