Classic 911 Race Car Australia

Historic Porsche 911 racer Rob down in Sydney, Australia is one of our earliest customers. Rob races a 1969 Porsche 911T with the CDI+ unit on board and has enjoyed a useful run of reliability as a result of switching to our modern ignition unit. 

"I've have had the CDI unit in the car for over a year now and it has performed faultlessly," says Rob. "The car fires right up when I start it and subjectively I would say runs smoother and cleaner than with the original CDI.

"Dyno runs when I was setting the carbs up showed a noticeable torque improvement through the mid-range up to the top end. Jonny has been great to work with, helping me out with a couple of issues and even sending me an updated CDI+ unit free of charge at one stage."

Rob is delighted with the unit and the service he's received from Classic Retrofit. The free unit we sent was to address a cold-start issue, which we found on some CDI units early on and rolled out across our first CDI+ units under our no-quibble warranty. We also helped with a tacho issue, as the wiring in Rob's 911T is non standard. Our experience got the tacho working straight from CDI+ without Rob having to source a NLA 'speed switch' part.

Read more about the Classic Retrofit CDI+ unit here. Contact us with any questions.