Classic Porsche 911 air-con launch

Early ‘sneak peek’ photos of Classic Retrofit’s all-new electric air conditioning kit for early Porsche 911s - a.k.a. Electrocooler - shared ahead of the kit’s official launch at the LA Lit Show on March 4, have enjoyed an incredible response on social media.

“Electrocooler has generated huge interest amongst Porsche enthusiasts,” says Jonny Hart, Classic Retrofit MD. “So many people have asked so many questions, that we have decided to share some of the technical and installation details before the official launch.

“While we are not quite ready to confirm exact pricing or delivery lead times, it is immensely gratifying to have so many requests for deposits, based on the reputation for absolute reliability and design excellence established by our highly regarded 911 fuse panels and upgraded CDI+ ignition units.

“We sincerely appreciate the trust placed in our brand and our products by the global Porsche community and look forward to supplying these kits through a growing network of distributors all around the world. We hope these early details will answer many of the questions being asked and look forward to confirming full pricing and delivery times after the launch in Los Angeles.”

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Classic Porsche 911 A/C Technical Layout

The compressor module (front centre in the picture) goes in the smuggler's box on a LHD 911. On a RHD car, the compressor is mounted adjacent to the battery and fits with no modifications to battery or spare wheel arrangements.

The condenser goes under the front wing/fender, in place of the oversized windscreen washer reservoir on an impact-bumper car. The blower unit (top right) contains a modern fan and evaporator. All original non A/C vents now blow A/C air.

The occupants may enjoy A/C air via any vent, including warm A/C air for rapid windscreen defogging. Our blower assembly brings recirculation capability to the 911's ventilation system and assists heated air flow for hot air without the need for footwell blowers.

Maintaining the standards of classic Porsche design, the original cabin slider ventilation controls are retained, for maximum discretion. A single pushbutton with indication is the only visible clue that Electrocooler is fitted.

Electrocooler Weight Savings and Performance Benefits

As shown in our photo, the complete kit weighs a shade over 16 kilograms (35 lbs). Accounting for the fitment of a smaller washer bottle and removal of the original fresh air blower, installing Classic Retrofit's Electrocooler kit to a 911 originally supplied without factory air conditioning adds less than 7 kilograms (15 lbs) to overall weight.

For a car originally equipped with factory air conditioning, converting to the Classic Retrofit Electrocooler system results in an overall weight saving of circa 18 kilograms (40 lbs).

There is the added handling benefit of weight loss at the rear of the car by removing the substantial original air-con compressor from its elevated position in the engine bay, not to mention the increased fuel efficiency and engine power, once the crankshaft load inflicted by the archaic belt-driven compressor is removed.