Classic Retrofit Air Conditioning Manufacturing

Summer is a busy time for all air conditioning manufacturers and Classic Retrofit is no exception! The production team at our manufacturing partners in south east England have been busily putting systems together all through June and July and August is proving to be another busy month.

Our Electrocooler electric A/C system is a mix of off-the-shelf components built into custom designed housings and controlled by the unique real-time ECU, developed by electronics experts here at Classic Retrofit.

We source as many custom parts as possible from specialist manufacturers in the UK. Our metal parts including laser cut elements are made locally and composite sections are moulded in the UK. Everything comes together at the production site, some 40 minutes drive from our East Sussex HQ.


The many parts are assembled by a great team of people, before being packed into custom packaging, which has been designed to safeguard all of our parts in transit. We have taken great care in our packaging design, as so many companies that we have bought Porsche parts from fail to protect their parts in transit correctly. We want our customers to unbox a perfect system, ready to install: not face a long email thread detailing damage on arrival, which would serve to undermine the entire experience.

We're building more air conditioning systems than ever before and working hard to satisfy orders. Our Porsche 964 system is also reaching the road test stage of the development, so we'll update you on that when the time comes: it should be any day now!

Contact us with any questions about the Classic Retrofit air conditioning system for early Porsche 911s or custom installation into any classic vehicle.