DIY Porsche Projects: Classic Retrofit Fuse Panels

The coronavirus outbreak has not interrupted our supply lines and we are still shipping products daily. Classic Retrofit products are now on Porsche cars in over thirty countries and that list is getting longer all the time. While the global news is not great at the minute, we're thinking about all of our customers and supporters all over the world. We hope you're staying safe, wherever you are.

Home projects are a hot topic right now and all of our products are suitable for DIY fit by a capable home mechanic. Clients who have fitted our products have also contributed to threads on the various Porsche forums, sharing their experiences and creating a useful and diverse resource for DIYers. Many thanks to all those who keep such threads going.

The simplest product we manufacture is our direct replacement fuse panel for Porsche 911s. We have three products in this range: a front fuse panel for early 911 models to 1973, a front fuse panel for the G-model or G-series impact bumper cars to 1989 and a three-fuse engine bay panel. These fuse panels are easily fitted by careful home mechanics and they fit right in the factory location.

The myriad benefits from installing these panels include greater efficiency, safety, enhanced reliability and the wider availability of modern blade fuses, not to mention the improvements from integrated headlamp relays and the blown fuse LED indicators.

Home Built by Jeff's DIY install video below shows the install of a front panel in an impact-bumper 911 in less than an hour. Other install threads say the process can take a bit longer if one is not familiar with projects like this, but no one has yet failed to DIY the installation. Or at least they have not admitted to it!

If you're looking for a straightforward and rewarding DIY upgrade for your Porsche while social distancing and home isolation measures are in place, then fitting the Classic Retrofit replacement fuse panel is worth considering. We can ship anywhere or the products are also available as a recommended Porsche upgrade from Pelican Parts in the USA.

Stay safe, keep in touch with friends and feel free to email us with any questions!