Classic Retrofit California Road Trip Continues!

Our trip to California, visiting some of the many Porsche specialists who have been sending great feedback on our products and launching our all new Electrocooler classic Porsche 911 air conditioning system at the LA Lit Show is going very well so far!

Yesterday was open day at the Pelican Parts Porsche emporium, and we were delighted to road test the Electrocooler display table ahead of its debut at the LA Lit Show later today (March 4). For a short while after our trip got started, it looked like UK customs were not going to release our products for shipping in time for the show, but eventually the shipment found its way to Pelican. That was a great relief!

The array of Classic Retrofit Porsche parts is a real eye-catcher and we have wired the blower fan assembly to run while on static display, easily keeping a couple of tennis balls afloat in the exit airflow, such is the power of its output.

We also called in on our friend Dorian Valenzuela, the renowned Alfa specialist who we have developed a number of updated Alfa Romeo parts with. Dorian is great friends with Magnus Walker and it was a real privilege to spend time in the famous Magnus Man Cave - Mr Walker is just as cool in person as he seems in all the online videos.

A final stop on the recent Porsche tour was with the Canepa Motorsport workshop in Scotts Valley, Santa Crus. Mind = blown with all of the incredible machinery on show at this former computer software development centre. We were based not too far from here (in Palo Alto) back in the early days of our Silicon Valley association, when we first got into the electronics development and firmware industry. We remember passing this site when it was run by computer geeks: happy to report that it is being put to much better use nowadays! 

Good times in California and things are about to get even better, with the official launch of the Electrocooler Porsche A/C in Los Angeles later today. More news including pricing to follow.