Classic Retrofit cools the latest Ruf CTR on the 2018 Mille Miglia

Classic Retrofit Electrocooler air conditioning technology kept Alois Ruf and the brand new Ruf CTR Yellowbird cool on the 2018 Mille Miglia. Held earlier this month over the traditional Brescia-Rome-Brescia route, the event ran from May 16-19th, with the latest Ruf CTR invited as a special guest participant.

More than 450 entries were listed on the provisional start list, with many of those cars created before air conditioning was ever considered to be a possibility. Our cutting edge air conditioning technology was perhaps the most radical incarnation of climate control to be found inside a closed-cockpit car on the rally, and Alois Ruf was happy with how it performed.

"Alois is a very cool guy even without the help of our electric air conditioning," notes Jonny Hart at Classic Retrofit in the UK, "but hearing his appreciation for how well everything works when fitted to the car is literally the frosting on the cake. I've been out to Ruf in Pfaffenhausen, Germany for technical liaisons since our first meeting almost a year ago and it's wonderful to work with such a professional engineering group. The team responsible for this car know their stuff so there would be no way to bluff our way through this opportunity.

"Alois has been great about keeping us informed on progress and recently gave me a call just to express his appreciation: both for our involvement and for delivering such a reliable product. What a class act! Few people of this stature would bother to make a call just to say thanks. It is a real dream come true to have our products fitted to this incredible machine."

The Ruf CTR is one of a number of high-end supercars fitted with our Electrocooler electric air conditioning system, including our state-of-the-art systems controller. Confidentiality agreements prevent us from mentioning some of the other marques designing their heating and ventilation systems with the help of our products and consultancy services, but we hope to share more details of the other prestigious brand names involved in the very near future.