Classic Retrofit EV A/C back on Discovery+ TV

We're delighted to be back on Discovery television in the brand-new series of Vintage Voltage, where classic cars are converted to electric classic cars. Episode 1 of Series 2 details the conversion of a classic Porsche 911 to a full electric vehicle. The technical package includes our classic EV A/C air conditioning system.

New product developments subsequent to the filming of this conversion included the final prototyping and launch of our ceramic heater blocks for electric vehicle conversions. There has been huge interest in this system rom both classic and modern converters and we've been shipping kits all over the world including to suppliers in some of the warmest parts of America, where there is still a strong demand for in-car heating, despite the perception of a permanently warm climate.

Take a look at the preview clip of classic car EV programme - Vintage Voltage Series 2 Episode 1  - below and be sure to check out the full episode if you have Quest or Discovery+. Let us know what you think of the build!

Classic Retrofit Porsche 914 EV update

Our own vintage voltage project - the electric Porsche 914 - is alive and well and now in regular use following its UK registration as a new-tech EV. We recently took the car for steering alignment and chassis geometry to set the car with its electric power steering. Some of the steering angles on the standard non-assisted steering installation can lead to a certain amount of twitchiness when power steering is added, so we're now working on slowing down some of the steering responsiveness. We don't need super sharp steering, as the power steering system takes so much weight out of the linkages. Stay tuned for more updates!