Classic Retrofit launches Early Porsche 911 fuse panel

Classic Retrofit has added to its highly successful blade fuse panels for air-cooled Porsche 911s by launching a version suitable for pre-1973 911s. The new fuse panel is available to buy from our products section at

Classic Retrofit has retained the elements that made its blade fuse panel for 1974-1989 Porsche 911 such an instant success with owners, including LED blown fuse indicators, upgraded headlamp relays for brighter lights and simple plug-and-play fitting, while also adding a plexiglass lid, which fits under the original cover for reinforced protection. 

"Our blade fuse panels for impact bumper 911s received an exceptionally positive reception from the classic Porsche community," says Jonny Hart, Classic Retrofit MD. "As enthusiasts began to share the advantages and easy fitment of our fuse panels, enquiries came in for the earlier cars. It soon became apparent that owners would not take no for an answer, so we made space in our development schedule!"

That space took a while to arrive. Classic Retrofit's blade fuse panels and highly regarded CDI+ upgrade ignition units for Bosch CDI-equipped cars had caught the attention of Eagle E-Types, who commissioned the company to bring its technology to Eagle's renowned classic Jaguars. No sooner had Hart and his team redesigned the fundamentals of Jaguar electrics than they switched to BMW, working on US historic CSL racers. In amongst this came new fuse panels for Ferrari 308 models, and more upgrades for CDI+.

"I'm fortunate to lead a team of clever designers, who share my passion for zero-downtime electronics with ultimate reliability and performance," says Jonny. "Our work is interesting and highly rewarding: we never tire of hearing how Classic Retrofit Porsche 911 fuse panels have given owners confidence to take on long road trips again or how our Bosch upgrade CDI+ units have improved power and torque, making old cars feel like new.

"We're sure our early 911 fuse panels will be just as well received as all the products we've put out there so far and look forward to releasing many more classic Porsche upgrades. Currently in final development is our electric air conditioning system for classic 911s, which has already received deposits from respected classic Porsche specialists. We think this will be a real game changer: watch this space!"