Classic Retrofit Porsche 911 Targa rally car

The full Classic Retrofit product range has been added to this classic Porsche 911 SC Targa rally car, which is currently en route to South America for the 3rd Maya Classic Rally. Built by the respected Ferrari specialists at Rechsteiner Racing in Switzerland, the car has had a thorough preparation for this epic event, which will cover eight countries in thirty days.

"We have carried out a lot of work on the car to get it ready for this LHD-only rally for pre-1980 classic cars," says Matthieu Audétat at Rechsteiner Racing. "The owner insisted on using all the Classic Retrofit parts - fuse panels, CDI unit and air conditioning - and Jonny has been a great partner, giving us a lot of help with installation and setup."

The job list for the rally sounds easy when you say it quickly, but prepping the car has taken several weeks. 

  • Full service
  • Reinforcement of the frame
  • Reiger rally dampers
  • New suspension bushes
  • New centre console making
  • RUF front bumper installation with front oil cooler)
  • Front skid plate
  • Rally setup
  • New fuse panels (Classic Retrofit)
  • New CDI ignition system (Classic Retrofit)
  • New A/C system (Classic Retrofit) with 90A alternator
  • Gauge Pilot installation

Classic rallying is big business nowadays and many competitors choose to do their events in air-cooled Porsche 911s. The combination of monocoque construction, comparatively low weight with incredible durability, rear-engined torque and traction and plenty of space through the car makes the 911 a natural choice. The fact that it is air-cooled also means there is no water system to worry about.

Our products greatly enhance the comfort and reliability of older Porsche 911s and are therefore perfectly suited to cars aimed at grand adventures. Whether you are building a 911 for competition or track days, covering huge distances as part of a classic endurance rally or simply trying to make your 911 more reliable so it will not let you and your travelling partner down on those long European road trips, Classic Retrofit has at least one product which any right-minded Porsche owner would find indispensable!

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