Classic Retrofit replacement fuse panel quality explained

Classic Retrofit replacement fuse panels for vintage Porsche 911 models are the highest quality you can buy. We only use top quality components in all our products, as that is a big part of keeping our promise of reliability for all Classic Retrofit customers.

Our fuse panels use the best quality US-made screw terminals and German-made Pudenz fuse holders. Our PCB is a custom-made 2.0mm board (standard is 1.6mm) with a copper thickness of 3oz on each side (standard is 1oz). There is little point in offering a solution to improve reliability and then using poor quality components - your Porsche deserves better! Our replacement fuse board is a professionally designed and manufactured part: not an assembly of cheap eBay bits. 

Other solutions that use crimped spade terminals can take many hours to fit. This may be acceptable if your time is 'free', but it is certainly not if you take it to a workshop. There is also the question of reduced reliability as a consequence of introducing 42 more crimp connections into a wiring loom.

Our replacement Porsche 911 fuse panel can genuinely be fitted in under an hour with just a screwdriver. No drilling holes either. Factor in the diagnostic LEDs and the built-in headlamp relays built in and we think it represents real value for money.

Over 250 classic Porsche 911s currently enjoy the convenience and reliability offered by our fuse panels and that number grows every month. Join our community and buy yours today!