Classic Retrofit teams with Koa Speed Japan

Classic Retrofit is happy to partner with the unique Koa Speed shop as our recommended supplier in Japan. Following several discussions with the team in recent months as they fitted our Electrocooler Air Conditioning to their latest 930-engined RSR build, the guys clearly know their stuff when it comes to 911s. We're confident that they will support our products effectively and professionally amongst the Japanese Porsche community.

The Land of the Rising Sun has always been a hive of air-cooled Porsche activity and hundreds of hot-rod 911s have emerged from these islands. Koa Speed is a leading light in eye-catching outlaw builds, with the Salmon and Pistachio widebody 911 running 3.3-litre 911 Turbo power generating plenty of feedback on its recent debut. The air con install was very nicely integrated and our A/C systems will feature on two more builds currently in the pipeline.

Classic Porsche Japan magazine recently ran a feature on the Koa Speed operation including details of their A/C install on the pre-'73 911 build. Japanese enthusiasts can contact Koa Speed through their website or drop us a line for a referral. Here's a video of the latest 911 project: