Electric A/C for Porsche 964 and 993 models tested in Thailand

Pre-orders for our hotly anticipated, all-new electric air conditioning kits for Porsche 964 and 993 models open at the end of this month. As with all of our products, we have invested hundreds of hours into research and development, to ensure that the product works perfectly from the very first day.

We use expensive climate test cells in UK vehicle development laboratories to test and develop our electric air-conditioning kits for Porsche 911s. These cells allow us to run our air-conditioning across a range of climatic conditions, including very high humidity environments, but there is no substitute for real-world testing!

Thailand enjoys a tropical climate with a mean annual temperature of 28°C and very high humidity. The cold season runs from November to February. In March temperatures begin to rise, and the hot season arrives until May. From June to October, the rainy season prevails.

For travellers who are uncomfortable in or unaccustomed to high heat and humidity, the current cool season is the best time of year to visit. Our good friend in Porsche, Greg Cranmer, is currently in Thailand with two of our brand new Porsche 964/993 electric A/C kits. They are being fitted to a pair of spotless 964 and 993 RS models and Greg has sent us some images of the installations to share.

Original Porsche factory air conditioning is pretty inefficient in an average climate and it is easily overwhelmed in countries like Thailand. The 911 greenhouse gives a wonderfully light and airy cabin in cool weather, but add a searing sun with thick, muggy air and the heavy factory A/C system really struggles to keep the cabin cool.

The Classic Retrofit electric air conditioning system is perfect for cars with or without factory A/C. These RS models were never sold with air conditioning, so our non-destructive kits requiring no holes to be cut into the chassis (unlike US dealer fit systems on early air-cooled 911s) are ideal in this application and will transform the owner's enjoyment of these cars in the approaching hot season.

People often assume that the owners of cars never fitted with factory air conditioning would be the greatest evangelists of our products, but it is often the owners of cars that have run factory air conditioning who sing the highest praises as they realise just how inefficient the old technology is.

For the last six months, we've been running a test system in a 964 Carrera owned by a UK Porsche technician. Removing the full factory system including the hard lines from our test car and replacing it with our cutting edge technology, as found in the latest Ruf and Singer vehicles, has transformed the user experience.

The best systems never intrude on the driver's enjoyment and that is how our products are designed: fit, forget and enjoy. We look forward to seeing lots of these systems transforming the 964 ownership experience in the years to come!