Electric Air Conditioning in a 1967 Aston Martin DB6 rally car

Proving that the Classic Retrofit electric air conditioning system is not just for Porsche 911s, we were delighted to commission an Electrocooler system into this 1967 Aston Martin DB6 last week.

Built for the Carrera Panamericana, the famous Mexican endurance road rally, where it would compete in the Historic B class, the car has been a labour of love.  From aluminium aviation air vents anodised in black, through the engraved instrumentation labels remade to look original to hand painted details on the bodywork, the depth of detail on this build is super impressive.

The electric A/C compressor is carefully tucked under the nearside front wing, leaving plenty of space in the engine bay so that the team can access the engine for servicing. The engine bay also features electric power steering and an upgraded alternator; junking the original mechanical power steering and air conditioning systems have saved a lot of weight from the Superleggera chassis.

The car runs custom Quantum suspension springs and dampers. The current engine spec built by JMB has Jenvey throttle bodies, fast road Piper camshafts and an Emerald M3D ECU, delivering 300bhp at the rear wheels and an impressively flat torque curve. The team is now moving up to race cam development so watch this space for more.

It will be interesting to learn how well the A/C performs in Mexican road racing, where ambient temps can reach 40 degrees Celsius as the rally climbs to over 3000 metres. Experience with other race cars in similar temperatures suggests all will be well - we're excited for the feedback.