Maxus Electric Van joins the Classic Retrofit Fleet

Since moving into our new work space and growing our team, we have been busier than ever, leaving us with more products to move from A to B. It wasn't long until it became obvious that we would need a new set of wheels to help us.

It's important to all at Classic Retrofit that we implement sustainable habits at home and at work, so the new vehicle had to be a smart and green choice.

Investigating the options, we came across the MAXUS eDeliver 3, a fully electric van designed in the UK to maximise payload and performance. Using a combination of lightweight materials including aluminium and polymer composites, the nifty EV is robust in design and powerful in performance.

With load capacity of almost a tonne powered by a 35Kw battery configuration and 90Kw motor, this little van generates enough juice to last for over 200 miles. It can be charged from both our in-house three-phase charger and the soon-to-be installed solar array at our new HQ.

Our eDeliver has been with us since the end of July and proven to be the perfect choice for running parts and components around, whilst keeping emissions low and reducing our carbon footprint. It is also super affordable to run - running costs in the first 1,000 miles were less than £40.

While the Maxi EV may not have 'hewn from granite' build quality, this fun and flexible electric van is proving to be a worthwhile addition and a trusted member of the Classic Retrofit family. We love it!

You can read more about the eDeliver 3 on the SAIC-MAXUS website.