Irish Green Porsche 912 restoration with electric A/C

We've just had some photos back from trimming legend, Garry Hall, at Classic FX of a beautiful 1969 Porsche 912 which was retrimmed to perfection, following a detailed engine rebuild at Carrera Performance in Horsham.

Finished in Irish Green, this LHD 912 spent its early life overseas. It was imported into the UK in September 2000 and used surprisingly sparingly, covering fewer than 3,000 miles in twenty years.

In early 2020, it was sent to our friend Jez Parsons at Carrera Performance in Horsham for an engine rebuild and general recommissioning. While the car was in the workshop, Jez also fitted our upgraded alternator and the full Electrocooler air conditioning package. The car also had some modern lighting fitted, so hopefully should now be seeing more use than it has seen in the last two decades.

Great to see classics as pretty as this one being used on UK roads. We definitely need to see more of this and fitting modern air conditioning is a great way to increase the motivation to use your classic regularly!