New Classic Retrofit 400v PTC Heat Modules for Electric Car Heating & Climate Control

The all-new Classic Retrofit 1100W PTC Brick Heater for 400v electric vehicles - including classic car EV conversions - is the only heater available that has on-board solid state switching. This means you can control the heat levels at any fan speed without bulky external contactors.  Staging the heat means better power management, which means greater mileage range.

The modular design allows the modules to be mounted side by side or stacked.  Two units will provide ample heat (2200W) for most vehicles.  

The compact size allows two units to fit side-by-side in the space of a standard water heater matrix, making it perfect for classic car EV conversions.  This can be achieved by fabricating a suitable metal carrier and mounting the bricks to it.

"A large car like a Range Rover or similar can have up to 5kw of heat output," says Jonny Hart. "Most modern systems have the heating systems engaged permanently, with the airflow through the system managed by flaps that modulate cabin temperature.

"Having 5kw of heat running all the time in an EV negatively impacts the battery range. A recent ride in a Boxster EV conversion showed this to be a real issue, as the heating was on all the time. If you just buy a Tesla unit and plug it into your HVAC, then you are constantly burning 5kw. This is not how our system works.

"Each of our 1100w PTC brick heaters has three stages. So, when used with our new controller - already running the electric A/C - it is now a full climate control unit, that can increase or reduce the heat with a high level of accuracy: something that traditional water based systems can't always manage. The on-board solid state switching means there are no noisy, bulky contactors to integrate, as the whole system is controlled by three tiny I/O lines.

"Two of our bricks are 2.2kw, which exceeds the heat output from Webasto gasoline heaters fitted to many classic Porsche 911s. So the maximum heat output of our system exceeds that in most classics, but with the added advantage of staging the heat and increasing range.

"Form factor is perfect for classic conversions. We've made the blocks connectable and as small as possible, so most heater matrix housings will easily allow the space for the bricks. Two is the golden number for most EVs as, if you're doing a classic EV conversion, you're probably not going to use it in the dead of winter, so you're only ever using the heater to take the edge off on a chilly morning.

"Bigger vehicles such as an EV taxi build we are consulting on uses four bricks, but for most vehicles that will be overkill. As the system warms up the cabin, it controls the stages, so turns stages off to increase range as early as possible. We're fitting this system to our own 914 and it has also been working well in other EVs, such as a recent classic Bentley conversion carried out by one of our clients."

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