Porsche 964 Turbo gets Electric Air Conditioning

Another video install of the Classic Retrofit Electric Air conditioning system for the Porsche 964 has just gone live on Youtube (you can also watch it below).

This time, it's the Driftworks RWB Porsche 964 Turbo getting the treatment, with Phil and Jay doing things properly by unpacking the kit and reading the manual first, then carefully following the instructions and fitting the various parts methodically, with a little bit of bespoke tailoring along the way to suit their unique application. The installation concludes with the duo gassing the system for themselves and having a trouble-free fire up, with super-cold vent temps from the start using the dual condenser system.

It is usually the case that if a customer encounters issues on fitment and fire up, then the manual has not been followed correctly. Our systems for classic 911 models and 964/993 models with or without factory air conditioning are well proven and the accompanying manuals give detailed breakdowns of every process required when installing one of our air conditioning systems. We supply our kits as kits for a reason; every piece is designed to work seamlessly with every other piece, to fire up first time and to deliver many years of reliable service.

It does happen that sometimes customers wish to change various elements to suit a non-standard application and if it is just bracketry and component positioning then that is OK. More detailed reimaginings are not guaranteed by us and often lead to extra cost in diagnostic time to resolve running issues.

Kudos to Driftworks for a really great video that accurately portrays the install procedure and how easily the system should work straight out of the box when fitted correctly. While Phil's 911 is a factory A/C car and our system is designed to work fine with factory air con cars, installers may be even happier when a 964 or 993 does not have factory air con, as there is less work for the owner or installer to do, with no heavy old lines to remove and no engine drop to remove the factory air con compressor bracket.

See our full range of electric air conditioning products here and contact us with any product questions. Don't forget our technical forum is also available for more information and you can also download the manuals and software for all of our products to learn more before you buy.

Main photo by Driftworks