R&D video: Designing the Electric Air Conditioning for classic Land Rover Defender

We're continuing to design and develop our new electric air conditioning system for pre-Puma (pre-2006) Land Rover Defender. We have bought a wonderful Defender 90 Soft Top and our latest Youtube video shows us installing a prototype system into the truck. Watch it at the end of the blog!

Regarding kits for the later models, Classic Retrofit MD, Jonny Hart says: "We may potentially add the later Defenders to our product range and are we are actually doing a trial fit on a Puma EV swap at the moment, but most of the Pumas have AC already, so there is less of a case to develop for those. However, there is a complication when converting to EV that makes our system attractive."

Classic Retrofit's Land Rover Defender A/C system is designed and built in the UK, with the same quality and performance as our groundbreaking Porsche and Alfa Romeo A/C systems.

Each kit contains everything needed to upgrade a pre-Puma Land Rover Defender, with brand new components and nothing to exchange or refurbish. Every single nut, bolt, bracket and gasket is supplied.

Electric A/C provides superior cabin cooling and comfort, with no adverse effect on engine power or efficiency as with crank-driven systems. The kits are easy to fit: comprehensive installation instructions, templates and online videos are part of every kit.

Our kits contain industry leading technology, as seen in many of the world's most exclusive supercars, iconic classics and restomods for over ten years. Follow us on social media to keep up with developments!