Youtube Porsche favourite features Classic Retrofit

We're big fans of the Youtube Porsche restoration channel "Home Built by Jeff". Jeff is one of those people who can turn his hand to just about anything and a perfect example of the classic 'man-in-a-shed sort of owner that we often envisage when designing our products - simply because we are that guy.

We were delighted to start a conversation with Jeff regarding his ongoing Porsche 911 restoration a while back. The emails continued to flow and we eventually sent Jeff one of our replacement Porsche 911 fuse panel kits for his project. Jeff has now fitted the main fuse panel and his latest video shows just how easy it is to carry out this job, even if you don't have the fuel tank out of the car! Flick to 2:00 in the video below to see the work in progress.

Jeff's YouTube videos are highly recommended if you have a few hours to spend and we're excited to see the project coming together. Too many of us have half-finished projects hidden away in the garage (you know who you are!) but Jeff is keen to keep things moving apace. Good job mate!