Hernan, Weissach Motorwerks

The installation of the A/C unit was a total success, the customer is very happy and is talking to all the guys in the local group, pushing them to get one, the second generation blower is amazing and even with one condenser is proven to be very effective in the FL summer heat.

John on Pelican (Electric A/C)

Your A/C kit is brilliant and if there is anyone considering it I would recommend without reservation. The fit and finish is perfect and it doesn't look like a bodge or afterthought installed. Getting rid of the engine-driven compressor is liberating and clears up the engine bay the way God intended.

I also have to commend you on your responsiveness and service. Beyond what I have seen and what we are usually used to. You're a special fellow.

Lundegaard in Denmark, CDI ignition upgrade

Just fitted the Classic Retrofit CDI+ to my 1980 911 SC with lambda. Had it dyno'd just before I stored it for winter and it showed 176.8 HP at 4900 rpm and 267NM at 4200 rpm, which I was actually very pleased with.

But just look what the numbers show now with the Classic Retrofit CDI ignition upgrade fitted, I'm impressed. 191.4HP at 4500 rpm and 294NM at 4200 rpm on a complete standard engine. The only change is the Classic Retrofit ignition and an air filter inlet box, nothing else.