Alan Mann Mustang EV with bespoke Classic Retrofit HVAC

Alan Mann Racing has just unveiled its AMR ePower Mustang: a fully electric version of the classic 1965 Ford Mustang restored and re-engineered with an electric powertrain, regenerative braking, and modern chassis. The project also features fully bespoke climate control designed and manufactured by Classic Retrofit.

Made famous by its race and championship-winning cars in the 1960s, AMR is expanding its existing business with a move into a new generation of engineering, beginning with the development and integration of electric powertrains into the familiar shape of the 1960s Ford Mustang – in either coupe or fastback styles. Henry Mann says:

"This is a 1965 first generation Mustang with an electric powertrain; the first fully bespoke electric conversion as far as we are aware. It's a high-end piece of engineering and there's been a lot of bespoke work, designing and producing the first car. It's taken just under a year to do.

"It outperforms in 1960s Mustang in every department: more power, more torque, approximately 5 seconds 0-60, plenty of range, significantly better brakes and improved suspension dynamics and handling.

"The interior features CNC machining and 3D printing, computer design and upgraded features to deliver more comfort and more safety. It also has Apple CarPlay and proper air conditioning and heating system [designed and manufactured by Classic Retrofit].

"As it's electric, it's clean, futureproof against legislation and sits on the right side of the growing environmental movement. It'll give 80% charge in less than an hour on a fast charge.

"The Mustang was one of the first cars that really gave my father his launch into Ford Motorsport and performance. There are millions of V8 Mustangs and every kind of conversion and upgrade has been done. We'd always wanted to do a modern restomod version and it seemed like the logical step to make it electric as well. We'll be building more of these, for sale in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world."

There's a place for a clean, silent and blindingly fast Mustang in today's car culture. Electrification and seamlessly embedding modern technology is true to the spirit of the car, as it was groundbreaking when it was introduced. All the team at Classic Retrofit is proud of this car and our part in the project.

Our bespoke design and manufacturing service is super effective in delivering unique and production-ready HVAC solutions for EV and ICE vehicles built by groups from private workshops to OEM groups. We love working on these exciting vehicles and welcome new enquiries for similar projects.