Alfa Romeo Giulia Super Electric Air Conditioning R&D Update

Development of a full Classic Retrofit Electric Air Conditioning kit for our Type 105 Alfa Romeo Giulia Super sedan/saloon continues. Following the fitment of our CDI+ ignition upgrade and an upgraded high-power alternator, we had some issues with the intake and carburation, which were fixed with a carburettor rebuild. This took a little while and then it was winter!

The start of the UK summer has seen the car back in our workshop for some updates and a regas of the A/C system ahead of more testing. The car is still running its development vents (i.e. none) and we're working on a vent arrangement that compliments the simple Alfa dash to pump all that cold air through in style.

Finished in Celeste with tan interior, our Giulia is an interesting model: the Giulia Super 'Biscione'. Type number 105.28 was a low production variant made from 1969 to 1972 with luxurious trim and certain distinguishing features, including snake badges on the C-pillars (Biscione meaning snake) and lots of chrome trim to the bodywork.

Light weight of under 1,000kg made these cars fun to drive, even with the original 1.6-litre engine. Our car has had several improvements including a 2-litre upgrade, so it drives even better than standard - good gearing helping to liberate all the excitement from the superb twin-cam engine. Performance and economy are both improved with the use of CDI+ and our car's engine builder was very impressed with the clean running from our modern mappable spark CDI+ ignition unit.

R&D work on the classic Alfa Romeo 105 air conditioning R&D continues. We're pretty happy with the component locations now and a series of upgrades to the engine cooling fan has settled on the right one. We'll keep developing and let you know when the system is ready for sale. Sign up for our monthly mailshot to be sure of hearing when our first classic Alfa Romeo A/C kits are launched.