Classic Porsche 911 Air Con FAQ

The Classic Retrofit electric A/C system for vintage Porsche 911s launches at the LA Lit Show today and the order books are officially open! For all those who can't make it to Los Angeles, here's a list of frequently asked questions for the Electrocooler system. Contact us with anything not mentioned.

This system retails at £2995 plus taxes (approx $3700 plus US sales taxes). Our first production run of thirty full A/C kits already has a number of confirmed orders and there are limited slots left. We expect to ship our first thirty kits in May 2017 and will start our second run at that time. Contact us to discuss!

How much does the system cost?

The price of the standard system is £2995 + VAT. That’s around $3700 before sales tax.

What am I getting for my money?

Electrocooler is more than just A/C, it’s a completely redesigned HVAC for your 911. It has improved airflow and allows combinations of heat/cooling not possible with the factory system. E.g. A/C warm air can be used for defog, cool air can be directed to your feet. Warm air can come out of the centre vents. We have redesigned the air blower and distribution. All parts are new, current technology.

So it produces heat as well?

No. The Electrocooler system still uses exhaust heat, but the air distribution has been repurposed to add modern features such as recirculation.

How much does the system weigh?

The weight of the full A/C kit is around 14 kg / 30 lbs

What modifications are required to the car to fit?

No modifications are required to the main bodyshell. We use existing holes in the body. Some removable parts may need modification (e.g. the steering column cover).

How long does it take to fit?

On a non A/C car, fitting our kit should take around 3 to 4 hours.

How do I control Electrocooler from my 911's dashboard?

There is a single momentary push switch with LED illumination. Existing sliders are retained but they now perform slightly different functions. Is it very intuitive.

What about extra vents?

On the SC and later, we use the factory (non A/C) vents. On early cars without centre vents, we have some ideas forming so speak to us!

The system is electric so it must use a lot of current, right?

Electrocooler uses between 35 and 50 Amps depending on the ambient temperature and cooling demand. It has been tested and developed to cope with a wide range of ambient temperatures, including Death Valley!

50A is a lot of power, so am I going to need a bigger alternator?

911 SCs and earlier need their alternators upgrading to the 90A Carrera 3.2 unit. 50A isn’t a lot of current by modern standards.

How will my Porsche 911 charging system cope?

The Electrocooler ECU has a control algorithm that regulates the compressor speed, based on the alternator output and electrical demand of the vehicle. These control systems are our specialist area of expertise.

Will it fit other vehicles? Can I get it for my other classic cars?

Yes, apart from the blower/evaporator unit which is designed for the 911. The system has been fitted to a Ford GT40, Marcos and E-Type Jaguar.

How do I order a system?

The system we are debuting at the LA Lit Show is a pre-production system. We still have some work to do on the blower unit for production. Our product roadmap looks like this:


  • ElectroCooler public debut at LA Lit Show
  • Customers register interest
  • Return to UK
  • Refine blower design for production
  • Final test fit of production parts to test mules


  • Confirm deposits for initial production run (30 kits)
  • Procure parts and start manufacture
  • Assemble first 30 kits


  • Shipping of first production units
  • Confirm deposits for second production run