Classic Retrofit and the Porsche Restoration Challenge

The Porsche Classic Restoration Challenge is a competition run by Porsche North America, in which different Porsche dealers within the US are invited to restore their favourite model from the 1950s to the 2000s. Now in its third year, the Restoration Challenge is well loved and over 60 dealers are expected to participate in 2023.

One such dealer is Porsche Santa Clarita; an officially licensed Porsche dealer that operates in California, selling new and pre-owned vehicles, as well as parts and offering services. Porsche Santa Clarita have participated in all three Porsche Classic Restoration Challenges since the first one in 2021.

This year, Santa Clarita has chosen to restore a 1988 Porsche 911 Slantnose; nicknamed the "Flachbau" 930 Turbo. This icon of the 1980s was inspired by the Porsche 935, with the concept of bringing its aerodynamic racecar styling to street vehicles. The Flatnose is rare and continues to embody the fascination amongst Porsche enthusiasts for Porsche's extensive motorsport heritage. 

Participants of the Porsche Restoration Competition have a wealth of more than 80,000 Porsche Classic Genuine Parts in their repertoire, yet participating Potrsche delaers such as Porsche Santa Clarita often choose to fit our products. Our fuse panels and CDI+ ignition units both apply to classic 911s, and the electric air conditioning system is the best choice for beating that L.A. heat!

All of our products are perfect for upgrades and restorations such as this one, as they are designed as plug and play upgrades that are easy to use while transforming performance, enjoyment and reliability.  

The modular nature of Classic Retrofit's electric air conditioning system allows for a flexible and compact system design and installation as the compressor doesn't need to be bolted to the engine, so it works in a wide range of locations for the perfect fit.

We are so excited to see how the 2023 Porsche Classic Restoration Challenge unfolds and are delighted to be involved via the team at Santa Clarita. If you've installed any of our products, feel free to share your story with us. We'd love to include your work in our blog! Send us an email to get involved.