Classic Retrofit electric air conditioning production update: Nov 2017

Classic Retrofit has now shipped the complete first batch of Electrocooler air conditioning kits for classic Porsche 911s to customers all over the world. Thirty happy 911 owners and bespoke Porsche builders are now planning the installation and commissioning of their groundbreaking air conditioning kits. We look forward to hearing more about all of these exciting projects and sharing photos of the work and finished results!

Production of the second batch of air conditioning kits continues and our own parts are all on schedule. However, we have just been advised of a short delay in the arrival of thirty evaporators for the production run and are passing the information on to our customers to keep you all informed.

Our orders have exhausted European stocks of these evaporators, so the supplier is producing a new batch especially for us. The latest estimate is that we should receive the parts soon after December 15th. This is approximately two weeks later than our original estimated shipping date at the end of November.

We remain optimistic that all second batch orders will be shipped before Christmas and arrive with customers as soon as possible thereafter, subject to courier and customs workloads at their busiest time of year. We apologise for the unfortunate delay, which is beyond our control. We will update the Classic Retrofit website and social media channels as we get more information.