Classic Retrofit in GT Porsche magazine

This month's GT Porsche magazine features the story of our road trip to Germany earlier this year, where we toured to Bavaria to meet with Alois Ruf and team at Ruf Automobile Gmbh, and then toured on to the Porsche Museum for a whistlestop visit before coming back to the UK.

This enjoyable and very successful visit paved the way for an ongoing technical partnership with the incredible team at Ruf. Learning how the legendary Ruf 911s come together has been one of the highlights of our business to date and we greatly enjoy the exchange of ideas that continues to flow. As Porsche geeks, watching the new Ruf CTR come together knowing that our parts play a role in this very special creation is incredibly satisfying.

We hope you enjoy the story. Pick up the magazine at your favourite newsagent or buy GT Porsche in a digital version here.