Classic Retrofit Porsche 914 EV wins RetroRides Car of the Year

We're surprised and delighted to have won this year's RetroRides Car of the Year for our Porsche 914 EV. Fitted with a Tesla motor and beautifully sorted throughout (if we do say so ourselves), the car is an absolute rocketship with near-perfect chassis balance and looks as well as it goes. Here's what RetroRides had to say:

This is an electric converted classic and choosing it may be a touch controversial. We did not pick it for that reason. We chose this because it is a fantastic build, a fully thought through restomod. Often you'll see electric converted classics and they have removed the heart from the car, thrown in some Tesla running gear and then drunk in the exposure for whatever purpose. This isn't that build.⁠

This is a car that has been thought about end to end, the details on it are pretty perfect. If it had the original Type4 motor in the back it would have still been in with a shout at Car of the Year. The 914 was always an odd duck, always cool, but a little strange. The EV conversion here has been done with an eye on keeping decent weight distribution and a fun driving experience (at odds with other EV converted classics, or just chucking an LS in the back end of it).⁠

If you are still reading and haven't set off with your pitchforks, that any classic car where the selling point of the EV conversion is that it is fully reversible, is an admission that the EV conversion isn't a desired outcome for the car, and it is a compromised layout and design. This is not that build.⁠

Really this is the car that Porsche should be making now, a fun drivers cars that looks cool, regardless of drive train. If you get to see it again, have a look at all the details and custom touches it is a special little car. In a show chock full of awesome stuff, this still managed to stand out. We don't do top tens, one winner and we stand by it. So here is our winner, you may have your own, and that is the beauty of it all really...⁠

Thanks to Retrorides for the award! We just picked up our next project car after some wonderful rebuild work but that's another story...