Classic Retrofit Porsche Air Con in Gunther Werks 400R

We've been working with Gunther Werks on their headline-grabbing Porsche 993-based 400R. Our Electrocooler classic Porsche A/C kit is fitted to the car, commissioned remotely over Internet link.

The remote hookup was made to the Gunther Werks technical base at Rothsport Racing in Oregon. Jonny logged in to the ECU from the UK and tweaked a few settings to make sure it was all up and running sweetly.   

The Gunther Werks 400R is a limited edition of 25 cars, all based on the 993. The 4-litre flat six engine produces a mighty 431 bhp and one of the main reasons behind our involvement was that our electric air-con compressor takes the drag of an air con compressor off the crankshaft to keep power at the maximum. It also brings the additional benefits of a beautifully streamlined engine bay and no 10-kilo compressor mounted 18 inches off the ground in the right rear corner. Anyone who thinks that the impact of removing this can't be felt from the driver's seat is seriously mistaken.

Prices for the Gunther Werks 400R start at $525,000, not including the cost of the donor 993. Only 25 will be built, and all are said to be sold as far as we know. Classic Retrofit is all about grassroots links to the air-cooled Porsche community, but it is always nice to be part of big-ticket projects of this nature. It is a source of great pride for us that bespoke Porsche builders including Ruf Automobile, Singer Vehicle Design and now Gunther Werks consider our products to be of the highest possible quality.