Classic Retrofit R&D: Storm Force A/C in a Land Rover Defender

If Gale Force 10 air conditioning from the dash vents of your classic Land Rover Defender gets you excited, then the latest Classic Retrofit R&D project will be right up your street.

We've developed an integrated Electrocooler electric air conditioning and heating system for classic Land Rover models and our latest R&D video gives an insight into the potential power of this system.

Using our super efficient electric air-conditioning compressor, which takes no engine power and can be mounted remotely, we've created brand new, completely bespoke blower units for both LHD and RHD models, and focused on housing all of the ventilation requirements within the dashboard. This is a very different approach to existing aftermarket kits, all of which use engine-driven compressors that cost fuel economy and efficiency, and need additional underdash vents and blower units that eat into interior space.

"The idea of this project is to do a heating and AC solution for pre-puma Land Rover Defenders," says Classic Retrofit MD, Jonny Hart. "Up to now, if you wanted A/C on one of these iconic vehicles, you had to bolt a unit under the dashboard. We didn't like that so we've designed a new blower unit for both LHD and RHD Land Rovers.

"We've redesigned the bulkhead internals to stop air getting lost inside, with no real impact on originality. We're designing a new centre vent panel using existing holes, and connecting to existing windscreen and footwell vents. The system air will be blended by new electric servo valves. The end result is 60mph winds coming from the dash vents, with an A/C temperature of less than 5 degrees C. That's about the most air you'll ever see coming out of a Land Rover dashboard!"

Our philosophy of innovation and integration, and designing entirely new parts where required,  makes the Classic Retrofit Electric Air conditioning system for classic Land Rovers is a cleaner solution that preserves the original look while still blasting near-freezing air at 60mph through new dash vents and original demister and floor vents.

As with our existing systems for classic Porsche 911s, this incredible A/C system will be a no-brainer for those who love classic Land Rovers and want to ride in comfort, whatever the climate. Take a look at the video and if you'd like to know more, sign up for our mailing list below to keep up with developments.