Classic Retrofit video guide to A/C installation

Youtube sensation, Home Built by Jeff, began his online career in 2015. His first video was an introduction to a new project: a 1974 classic Porsche 911. The car has recently been fitted with our electric air conditioning.

Imported from America to Australia, the car was in bad shape. Covered in rust, body filler and dust, this would be a major project. Over the course of five years, Jeff revived this Porsche, restoring the body, painting and trimming the whole car by hand and giving this classic 911 some much-needed TLC and a new lease on life.  

In January 2021, Harry was officially road ready and raring to go. And after being used for the best part of a year, Jeff had decided it was time for some upgrades. Most importantly some air conditioning!

Australian summers are far more brutal than here in the temperate UK, so we hooked Jeff (and Harry) up with a few bits. A new Porsche 911 High Output 175A Alternator, and a 911 Washer Bottle Relocation Package, and of course, Electric Air Conditioning for Classic 911 (dual condenser) for those down-under scorchers.

Jeff has serialised the process of installing his Classic Retrofit upgrades on his youtube channel, detailing the installation process, offering helpful tips and some sidebars on some of our other tech already fitted to Harry the Porsche.

The first episode shows what comes in our electric air conditioning kit, as well as where each piece would typically go. One of the many great things about our kits is that they offer damage-free install: all bolts, cables and wires are fed through existing spaces in the body work, so there's no need for fancy power tools, and makes for an easy installation.

However, as you will all know only to well, nothing is easy with a modded car! As Jeff has modified different parts of Harry, some of our parts needed tweaking to fit. Jeff shows just how easy this is to do with the right tools, and explains what he has done for each air conditioning part should you need to do the same. He goes through fitting condensers, the compressor, dryer, and hoses, explaining it in good detail for the less tech-savvy.

Jeff's videos are informative and exciting: an absolute must-watch if you have any project builds of your own and in search of inspiration, or if you are just an everyday petrolhead. Way to go Jeff - we love it!