DDK Greatworth Classics Porsche Parts Swap Meet 2020

We were delighted to attend the 2020 DDK Porsche Parts Swap Meet at Greatworth Classics on March 8th, where a strong contingent of Porsche enthusiasts braved the coronavirus scare and turned out to kick tyres and talk Porsche parts.

Our daily driver is the Delphi Green Porsche 911 SC with all Classic Retrofit products installed, so that was rolled out early for the drive (slightly) north. The weather was crisp with rain on the forecast, but the SC's engine was soon up to temp and the electric air conditioning kept the cabin air warm and dry.

We were given a great parking spot in the Porsche section amongst some other superb air-cooled cars. Around twenty sellers had already set up their stalls and we found many familiar faces in the mix. In the midst of the parst on sale was a really nice 914 (LHD) dashboard. As our Porsche 914 electric vehicle conversion is coming on well, Jonny snapped the dashboard up for some garage experimentation with LCD displays.

The workshop at Greatworth had plenty of restorations on show, including several Porsche 914 projects, which were of great interest. The sandwich van outside was doing a roaring trade and another Porsche 914 parked alongside caught Jonny's eye for wheel and tyre fitment.

All too soon, three hours had passed and that forecasted rain began to descend. That was our cue to fire up the SC and return to base, where more weekend work on projects for Ruf Automobile awaited.

Heavy rain on the way home offered a great example of just how effective Classic Porsche 911 electric air conditioning is at controlling cabin humidity and keeping the windows demisted! Thanks to all the DDK and Greatworth Classics teams for delivering another superb Sunday gathering.


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