Electric A/C for Patrick Motorsports' show-winning Porsche 911

Congratulations to our friends at Patrick Motorsports who have just won the Michelin Choice award at the 2019 Werks Reunion with their Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera backdated to RSR style. The build features our Electrocooler electric air conditioning system to great effect.

“This is a car that I put together and dreamed up with my guys,” said James Patrick, CEO at Patrick Motorsports, on accepting the Sponsors Choice award.

“My lead technicians built the car with me: it’s a team effort to build a car like this. I love new Porsches and old ones and I’ve got a little of everything. I'm very grateful to be in this industry and its a lot of fun.

"This car’s got a turbo engine. It's a 1986 Carrera that we backdated to '73 RSR style with steel arches. It was originally a black car so we left it black. It's got the big engine, late-model transmission, big brakes, electric air conditioning and a lot of other little detail added attributes but, all-in-all, it's still a Porsche car. I think all the enthusiasts here have an appreciation for this model of the cars here today.

"Obviously, the interior is a pretty high point and my interior specialist has done a pretty fantastic job. Complete interior work is performed in house with top premium leather, Tartan wool and Alcantara, to name a few. We installed the Porsche Classic radio 911.645.290.00 that offers Bluetooth for hands free calling and music playback. 

"Electric air conditioning (by Classic Retrofit) keeps the driver cool without the need for a compressor to clutter up the engine bay.  The system also weighs less than stock air conditioning, provides colder air to the cabin and allows for weight to be moved more forward on the vehicle.  It is well known that the air conditioning in 911s is subpar, but with this kit, it is possible to drive your 911 through the hot months."

Ambient temperatures for Patrick Motorsport’s drive to the Werks Reunion were up around 40 degrees Celsius. Video of the departure show that the Electrocooler electric air conditioning system has taken vent outlet temperatures down to just 10 degrees Celsius, dropping the air coming into the car by a staggering 30 degrees Celsius.

Details on other aspects of the car are hard to find online, but we're looking forward to learning more about this build. It certainly is a head turner and the period look built around turbo power our Electrocooler A/C system is literally a slice of California Cool!

Learn more about our electric air conditioning for air-cooled Porsche 911s here and check out the video below. Visit PatrickMotorsports.com to learn more about the creators of this stunning 911.