Great reception to our 964 and 993 HVAC Suitcase Rebuild Service

We’ve now been running our 964/993 ‘suitcase’ HVAC blower unit rebuild service for 8 months. The service has been very well received, with more units coming in on a weekly basis.

The systems are complex, and each build we take on presents new challenges; especially with a refurb process that includes a complete strip and clean, before the unit is rebuilt with new foams and seals; and occasionally new fans, servos, or evaporators if required, to ensure the best results.

We’ve built a database of a wide range of variations and processes, to ensure each unit gets the full Classic Retrofit spa day treatment. Who doesn’t love a spa day?!

Send us your HVAC suitcase and we will return it in fully restored condition following our full rebuild process:

  • Strip and disassemble the HVAC suitcase
  • Clean housing and ancillary parts
  • Replace all foam/rubber seals to flaps and case
  • Fit evaporator and fans
  • Dismantle, inspect and clean all servos and test efficiency using a scope
  • Refit original or replacement servos, adjust brackets and linkages
  • Clean and refit wiring harness
  • Replace temperature sensors as necessary
  • Bench test with known good cabin controller (CCU)

Original parts are assessed individually, and the choice to replace them is discussed with the customer. We test all of our rebuilds before sending them back, so you can trust that everything runs smoothly!

See full details of our Porsche 964 993 air con blower unit rebuild service.