Icebox air conditioning: racing car and race driver suit cooling

As other suppliers shut up shop for Christmas, Classic Retrofit keeps pushing the envelope. We're delighted to share a sneak peek of an exciting new product for racing and motorsport that we've been testing in 2019!

Icebox is a self-contained cockpit air-conditioning and driver cooling system for race cars. While traditional driver cooling systems use an actual cool box full of ice cubes with fans blowing cold air from the box to the driver, our system is a complete air-conditioning unit with a low centre of gravity that can be mounted anywhere in a racing car (ideally in place of existing ballast, so passenger seat/footwell etc).

Racing car air conditioning race car A-C

We've tested this product in several race cars, including GT and LMP endurance prototypes. A racing car cockpit is amongst the harshest environments for any electronic product, but Icebox has excelled on all fronts. It is lighter and vastly more effective than the old-school cool box (our testing on certain circuits showed vent temps down to near-freezing) and, of course, it needs no refilling with ice. Just start the car and experience the benefits of lower cockpit temperatures. 

The typical weight of a full installation is just 12 kilograms. As with our Electrocooler road car system, the Icebox ECU monitors electrical system voltage and employs onboard control strategies to deliver cold air as efficiently as possible, minimising the loss of engine power. The system is compatible with various vehicle interfaces including CAN bus.

Icebox is a technical marvel and another Classic Retrofit game-changer. Five pre-production units are currently in assembly and the first full production run starts in early 2020. More details will follow but, for now, drop us an email to to register your interest! Prices and options are yet to be confirmed, but they will be line with our current air conditioning systems.