Improved Gen 2 Blower now in all Electric Air Conditioning Systems

We're delighted to confirm that all Classic Retrofit full A/C systems now come with our improved Gen 2 blower assembly.

At first glance, the Gen 2 blower may not appear significantly different to the Gen 1. Being just 10mm wider, it still fits neatly in the factory location, meaning a hassle-free install with no obtrusive modifications. However, the unit features updated technology and layout design, including:

  1. A new double-cage fan increases airflow from 295 to 502 cubic feet per minute: an increase of 70%
  2. The evaporator uses a new-tech Denso 38mm core heat exchanger. This is less restrictive, meaning more air is moved to the cabin
  3. The expansion valve has moved to vehicle right side, making left-hand-drive installations easier when a brake booster is fitted
  4. The drain tubes have been redesigned so they are more robust
  5. The control lever cable mount has been moved to accommodate left hand drive vehicles where the cable was short from the factory
  6. A top cap has been added so the evaporator is easier to remove for maintenance or replacement
The combined impact of these changes means a smooth and stress-free transition from the original heating and ventilation system to our new and improved unit. Users will instantly feel the difference in the summer months, but also in cooler temperatures or more humid climates where the improved airflow and dehumidifying capacity keeps damp air to a minimum.

All full systems now ship with the new blower. Order your Electrocooler Electric Air Conditioning system here, and follow our social media channels for more updates. Don't forget to check out our technical forum for full product support.