Jonny Hart on the Road to Redline podcast

Jonny was a guest on the Road to Redline podcast over the weekend. It was an interesting chat and well worth a listen if you want to hear more about the origins of Classic Retrofit, how grassroots enthusiasts got behind his early product ideas and how that led to involvement with the biggest names in Porschedom.

Other topics included:

  • Buying and restoring an old 911
  • Buying an electric 914 and updating the EV technology
  • Early partnerships with technical experts who proved the effectiveness of our products
  • The process of ongoing product development/continuous improvement
  • Future plans and ideas including electric heating and many hidden extras

One thing to note is that Jonny has fluked his way into two fairly solid classic Porsche purchases, so do not follow his example when buying a car! Other than that, we'd like to thank to the R2R podcast crew for the invite and for giving us time to chat. It was a great experience - listen to the podcast below!