New Product: Porsche 911 Lightweight Washer Bottle

We've just added a great new lightweight Porsche 911 washer bottle kit to the Classic Retrofit online shop. 

Created for Impact Bumper/G-Model Porsche 911s made between 1974 and 1989, the kit allows owners to replace the large and heavy factory washer fluid reservoir with the smaller tank used on the Porsche 996 and Boxster.  

There are several advantages to the modification. The original tank is huge and rarely if ever gets drained by the occasional weekend use that most of these cars now enjoy. This leads to putrification of the contents, which degenerate into a gel-like algae that gums up every inch of the washer lines, including the non-return valves and the washer jets.

Failed washer jets are a safety concern and an MOT failure (for cars that still have to do an MOT) and fixing the problem is messy work! The smaller tank holds less fluid, so it is lighter and has a much greater likelihood of being regularly drained, therefore it should suffer less from the algae issues. It also holds less fluid and so is a lightweight addition.

Adding a Porsche Boxster/996 screenwash reservoir to an impact Bumper 911 

The new washer bottle kit contains custom brackets for securing the tank to front wing support panel behind the front wheel. It also contains a plug and play wiring harness that connects to the original pump wires.

This modern tank also has a level sensor, which can be connected to the fuel tank low level lamp to give a dual function (either low fuel or low washer fluid).

Note that we do not provide the tank or pump with this kit, but they are plentiful on eBay, usually costing around £30.       

Washer kit contents:

  • Washer bottle rear bracket and top support bracket
  • Wiring harness for pump and level sensor
  • Tube for connection to filler
  • Fasteners

The new tank can be filled from the filler inside the fuel flap as before. Please note that larger wheel and tyre combinations and lower suspension may reduce the clearance to the tank. Contact us with any questions!