Porsche 911 SC Development Car Update: October 2020

It's been a busy summer here at the Classic Retrofit workshops but we've still found time to push the envelope on developing new products for classic Porsches.

Work on our Delphi Green 1982 Porsche 911 SC has included:

• Developing and testing our new hand-wound ignition coils (game changer)
• Fitting a second air conditioning condenser to the right front corner (kit now available)
• Optimising the installation for our Electric A/C system
• Relocating the oil cooler from the right front to the left rear corner
• Fitting a new thermostat and a whole new set of oil lines
• Losing ± 13 kilos of weight from the car with oil line deletion
• Fitting a thermostatically controlled fan to the cooler
• Fitting race headers for more engine power
• Scavenging heat from the oil cooler for cabin heat purposes
• Updated mapping of the AFR curve for future CDI ignition developments

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