Porsche 964 and 993 blower unit rebuild service launched

We can now offer a full rebuild service for the complex heating and ventilation blower units (often referred to as HVAC suitcases) on later air-cooled Porsche 911s: 964 and 993 models.

These complicated assemblies are packed with ageing servos and wiring, all of which deteriorates over time and leads to issues with the HVAC system. Our refurb process is a bench strip and rebuild of the entire blower unit. Every suitcase unit is fully stripped and built up with new foams and seals. The servos, fans, evaporator and temperature sensors are all stripped, inspected and bench tested before being refurbished or replaced with new as required.

Send us your HVAC suitcase and we will return it in fully operational condition following our full rebuild process:

1) Strip and disassemble HVAC suitcase
2) Clean housing and ancillary parts
3) Replace all foam/rubber seals to flaps and case
4) Fit evaporator and fans
5) Dismantle, inspect and clean all servos and test efficiency using a scope
6) Refit original or replacement servos, adjust brackets and linkages
7) Clean and refit wiring harness
8) Replace temperature sensors as necessary
9) Bench test with known good cabin controller (CCU)

Price is for labour only. Original parts are assessed on an individual basis, the choice to replace is discussed with the customer.

The complete system is bench tested after re-assembly so you can be sure that everything works smoothly. This is a game-changer for mechanics who previously just had to hope that servos were working right across the range of travel. Strip it out, send it to us and refit with confidence!

See full details of our Porsche 964 993 air con blower unit rebuild service here.

Porsche 964 993 air con blower unit rebuild

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Porsche 964 blower unit rebuild