Retaining and re-using the original Porsche A/C Condenser in a twin condenser install

Florida resident and 1980 SC Targa owner, Pat Henry, has embarked upon his Classic Retrofit electric A/C installation, including our relocated Boxster washer tank and the upgraded alternator. We recommend the double condenser setup for all customers in high humidity environments (such as Florida) but Pat has decided to try and keep the original Porsche condenser as part of his installation.

He is documenting the project in an excellent Classic Retrofit A/C install thread on the Pelican Parts 911 technical forum. Early work to assemble the compressor mounting bracketry and the additional relay led to some interesting discussion, and Pat has since found many novel ways to assemble his own venting arrangements, including use of a modified aftermarket vacuum nozzle/crevice tool. 

The installation is now at an advanced stage and just about ready for gas. He has struggled to find someone local to pressure test the A/C system (as we recommend) rather than vacuum test, but his work to integrate the different connections on the older R12 A/C condenser seems capably done, so fingers crossed it all pressures up OK. We look forward to following the rest of the thread and recommend that anyone considering this route takes a look at Pat's project.

Update: the system is now fully installed and charged and it is delivering 3.9 degrees Celsius at the vents! An excellent result. Pat says the following:

The system is up and running blowing air at 39 degrees F from the center vents. The mod I did in the frunk and smugglers box to keep the footwell bow tie center vent and the passenger side footwell vent worked and applies cold air to the footwell. Unfortunately my wallet is lighter by just under $150 but was worth it to finish the job. Adding up all the cost I’m just under $6K and the money was well spent on reliable AC, upgraded charging system and a better window washing system.

This is a system that I would highly recommend to any 911 owner who want cold ac and also declutter the engine compartment. As a DIYer I found it to be enjoyable to accomplish knowing that it is not just a plug and play system.