Winter Time is Project Time

While our customers in the southern hemisphere enjoy sunny summer months, winter has definitely arrived here in northern Europe, with frosty mornings putting all modes of personal transport under pressure. Modern cars have a hard enough time dealing with wet leaves and icy roads, so imagine what classic cars go through in winter as the plummeting temperatures put all of their electrical and ignition systems to the ultimate test.

Just as there's little comparison in terms of reliability between a forty year-old CDI ignition unit and one of our brand new CDI+ units when the going gets tough on track days or long summer tours, there is little comparison in terms of reliability between the original factory fuse panel in your forty year-old 911 and one of our modern direct-replacement fuse panels.

Each small incidence of deterioration in an electrical circuit leads to a big difference in conductivity and power across classic car electrical systems. Wipers and electric windows slow down, electric fuel pumps start to struggle, heating and demist systems blow less effectively and headlamps are not as bright. These problems are there all year round, but are particularly visible in winter. That's why winter is a great time to upgrade your original fuse panel with one of our direct-fit replacements: the improvements are instantly visible. 

Hundreds of Porsche owners all over the world benefit from our modern technology combining readily available blade fuses, blown fuse LEDs and integrated headlamp relays on one easy-to-fit fuse panel to give a new lease of life to electrical distribution in your classic 911. While cheap imitations of our product have begun to appear, there is only one original. Supported by a lifetime warranty (subject to proper fitment and usage), Classic Retrofit fuse panels are a no-brainer upgrade for any classic Porsche, adding value and reliability where so many other aftermarket products do not!

Check out our fuse panels for pre-'73 911s and the later 1974 to 1989 impact-bumper 911s today. Matching the original dimensions, they fit under the original covers, are an easy DIY project and make a great Christmas present for any classic Porsche enthusiast!